Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-05-2019

European election analysis: Open-closed divide means voters can switch parties more easily
(tags:politics europe uk )
Arrival's Ted Chiang returns with the awe-inducing Exhalation
(tags:short_story scifi )
Wherein I have an interesting discussion about religion and emotional knowledge
(tags:religion emotion knowledge )
Tactical voting for Remainers in the European Elections
(tags:europe voting advice )
Disney announces a ton of Star Wars and Marvel movies
(tags:Disney StarWars marvel movies )
The Great Solicited Dick Pic Experiment
(tags:penis twitter bodies men sex )
Stone mosaics will not be returned to Rose Street in Edinburgh
(tags:edinburgh )
Elon Musk Was Right: Cheap Cameras Could Replace Lidar on Self-Driving Cars
(tags:vision cars automation )
Where different breeds of dogs come from
(tags:funny dogs comic )

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Tags: advice, automation, bodies, cars, comic, disney, dogs, edinburgh, emotion, europe, funny, knowledge, links, marvel, men, movies, penis, politics, religion, scifi, sex, short_story, starwars, twitter, uk, vision, voting

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