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Interesting Links for 30-04-2019

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost To Adapt 'Rivers of London'
(tags:tv books fantasy )
Court Case Conclusively Proves a Hash Brown is Not a Phone
I mean, not really, but it's a great headline
(tags:phones driving law )
Norway finds 'Russian spy whale' off Arctic Coast
(tags:russia spying whales )
Release of '13 Reasons Why' associated with 30% increase in youth suicide rates
(tags:suicide tv )
Arya Stark is left handed. Maisie Williams is not. She's just more badass than you thought. She made the choice to play Arya left handed when she was 12 and stuck with it for a decade
(tags:gameofthrones fighting acting impressive )
Blood test for chronic fatigue syndrome could speed diagnosis
(tags:ChronicFatigueSyndrome blood )
Corbynista left splits over Brexit referendum
(tags:UK europe labour politics )
Ian McEwan's Machines Like Me would be better if he'd read any of the Science Fiction he looks down on
(tags:scifi writing review )
Interesting piece about the latest Game Of Thrones episode
(tags:gameofthrones viaSwampers )
Gamers Blame Socialism for Making Women in Mortal Kombat 'Ugly'
(tags:beauty women games design OhForFucksSake )
Labour's process for dealing with racism accusations is shockingly awful
(tags:labour racism OhForFucksSake )
How do people see the different parties in terms of Brexit?
(tags:UK europe polls )
Why is Game of Thrones so dark? We asked the cinematographer
(tags:film tv gameofthrones )

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