Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-04-2019

How do we know when we've fallen in love?
(tags:love relationships )
In search of truce in the autism wars
(tags:autism society viaSteer )
Scottish independence: How and when Scotland could rejoin the EU
(tags:europe uk scotland )
Why Video Game Characters Almost Never Remove Their Clothes
(tags:games clothing animation )
New IRA says Brexit helps it to recruit
(tags:Ireland UK europe )
Biodegradable plastic bags can still hold full load of shopping after three years in ocean
(tags:plastic recycling environment biodegradable )
The largest study involving transgender people is providing long-sought insights about their health
(tags:transgender health )
Labour Remainers much more liberal than Conservative Remainers
(tags:uk europe politics labour Conservatives )
How Apple lobbied EU to delay common smartphone charger
(tags:apple environment electricity standards europe )

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Tags: animation, apple, autism, biodegradable, clothing, conservatives, electricity, environment, europe, games, health, ireland, labour, links, love, plastic, politics, recycling, relationships, scotland, society, standards, transgender, uk, viasteer

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