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Interesting Links for 17-04-2019

Stonehenge: DNA reveals builders were descended from people from Turkey
(tags:Turkey stonehenge genetics )
Pelosi: No UK-US trade deal if Good Friday undermined
(tags:usa uk NorthernIreland ireland borders trade doom )
Why The Other Side Won't Listen to Reason
(tags:morality psychology )
As Ebola outbreak rages, vaccine is 97.5% effective, protecting over 90K people
(tags:vaccine GoodNews )
Work harder or the communists will win!
(tags:society work business china usa working_hours OhForFucksSake )
Why the phrase "chick flicks" should be retired
(tags:women movies comedy relationships language society )
What to Expect From Sony's Next-Gen PlayStation
(tags:PlayStation consoles thefuture )
30 Animal Panorama Fails
(tags:animals photography fail funny viaElfy )
From the MCU to Star Wars: In Praise of Poorly Built Worlds
Creators leave cracks in their worlds so that silliness and wonder can get through.
(tags:design fantasy StarWars marvel movies writing )
A lovely personal story about George R. Martin
(tags:gameofthrones GeorgeRRMartin )
We still have three Brexit options, and no sign of a decision
(tags:UK europe doom )
Wonderdraft - an amazing looking map designer
(tags:design maps fantasy )
Pro-Brexit Leave.EU group accused of faking videos and forging images of migrants committing crimes
(tags:uk europe fascism fraud immigration )
Colorado Tried a New Way to Vote: Make People Pay???Quadratically
(tags:voting )
Scotland post-surgical deaths drop by a third
(tags:death scotland nhs surgery )
Long-distance running and evolution: Why humans can outrun horses but can't jump higher than cats.
(tags:humans evolution sports running viaFanf )

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Tags: animals, borders, business, china, comedy, consoles, death, design, doom, europe, evolution, fail, fantasy, fascism, fraud, funny, gameofthrones, genetics, georgerrmartin, goodnews, humans, immigration, ireland, language, links, maps, marvel, morality, movies, nhs, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, photography, playstation, psychology, relationships, running, scotland, society, sports, starwars, stonehenge, surgery, thefuture, trade, turkey, uk, usa, vaccine, viaelfy, viafanf, voting, women, work, working_hours, writing

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