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Interesting Links for 16-04-2019

Jon Snow Emails 23andMe About His DNA Results
(tags:gameofthrones genetics spoilers viaSwampers funny )
Very interesting thread on the Notre Dame fire and the difficulties in fighting it
(tags:fire catholic religion architecture )
MIT Researcher Exposing Bias in Facial Recognition Tech Triggers Amazon's Wrath
(tags:amazon faces ai race bias )
Half of UK's electricity to be renewable by 2025
(tags:renewables uk electricity thefuture )
360 photo of Notre-Dame de Paris
(tags:photo Paris religion architecture viaElfy )
Notre Dame Cathedral will never be the same, but it can be rebuilt
(tags:architecture history Paris france )
Breakthrough diabetes drug cut kidney and heart disease deaths by a third
(tags:diabetes medicine GoodNews )
AI Helps Classify Lung Cancer at the Pathologist Level
(tags:ai cancer diagnosis )
In the 1960s, 128 kilobytes weighed 610 pounds
(tags:memory computers history )
Why software projects take longer than you think - a statistical model
(tags:estimating software projectmanagement statistics )

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Tags: ai, amazon, architecture, bias, cancer, catholic, computers, diabetes, diagnosis, electricity, estimating, faces, fire, france, funny, gameofthrones, genetics, goodnews, history, links, medicine, memory, paris, photo, projectmanagement, race, religion, renewables, software, spoilers, statistics, thefuture, uk, viaelfy, viaswampers

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