Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-04-2019

"Modern Monetary Theory" doesn't appear to be an actual coherent theory
(tags:economics money )
What happens when you buy a bunch of different fish and then test them to see what they *really* are?
(tags:fish fraud genetics )
UK university removes reference to Taiwan as a country on map after Chinese student backlash
(tags:china taiwan map UK academia )
Deer faeces & 'spewing' referees - the wonderful world of Scotland's Highland League
(tags:football Scotland viaDanielDWilliam )
A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy
(tags:doom infection disease thefuture )
Britain's wartime generation are almost as pro-EU as millennials
(tags:wwii europe polls demographics )
You're The Worst creator Stephen Falk on the show's emotional finale
(tags:tv writing comedy relationships )
Divided by DNA: The uneasy relationship between archaeology and ancient genomics
(tags:archeology genetics anthropology history prehistory )
Islamic world abruptly stopped calling out China's Muslim persecution
(tags:China islam OhForFucksSake )
Just how harmful is porn? (And are the government's plans worse?)
(tags:UK porn OhForFucksSake )

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Tags: academia, anthropology, archeology, china, comedy, demographics, disease, doom, economics, europe, fish, football, fraud, genetics, history, infection, islam, links, map, money, ohforfuckssake, polls, porn, prehistory, relationships, scotland, taiwan, thefuture, tv, uk, viadanieldwilliam, writing, wwii

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