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Interesting Links for 04-04-2019

Apparently there are schools which that solitary confinement, a form of torture, is appropriate for children.
(tags:children torture uk school OhForFucksSake )
Can MPs force laws on the Crown dependencies?
(tags:UK law tax history )
Rare Persian manuscripts dating back to 13th century now online
(tags:persia history middle_east )
2019 Hugo Award Finalists Announced
(tags:hugo scifi )
EU says it would not open talks with UK after no-deal Brexit until it agrees to divorce bill and Irish backstop
To be honest, this seemed pretty obvious. If you could avoid the consequences by just saying "We'll make the deal next week" then the incentives would be all wrong.
(tags:europe uk )
To catch a drug thief, hospital secretly recorded births, women's surgeries (and it gets worse from there)
(tags:privacy childbirth women hospital epicfail OhForFucksSake )
'Grassroots' Facebook Brexit ads secretly run by staff of Lynton Crosby firm
(tags:europe uk fraud referendum )
Trump's ramblings are getting worse. I do wonder what will come out once he's gone.
(tags:mentalhealth politics usa )
Labour confirms it wants to end freedom of movement (policy since 2017, and one of the many reasons they will not get my vote)
(tags:labour europe OhForFucksSake immigration )
"I am not always very attached to being alive"
(tags:suicide mentalhealth )
This is how I felt about Princess Diana's death
(tags:death media royalty )
MDMA may treat PTSD by reopening sociable 'window' which closes after puberty (in mice)
(tags:mice psychology ptsd ecstacy )

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Tags: childbirth, children, death, ecstacy, epicfail, europe, fraud, history, hospital, hugo, immigration, labour, law, links, media, mentalhealth, mice, middle_east, ohforfuckssake, persia, politics, privacy, psychology, ptsd, referendum, royalty, school, scifi, suicide, tax, torture, uk, usa, women

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