Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-03-2019

Scottish rail network spending increase in bid to improve services
(tags:scotland trains transport )
A surge in online child sex abuse cases is overwhelming the police
(tags:police Child_abuse uk fail )
3,400 applicants for 96 homes, when Edinburgh has nearly 10,000 AirBnBs
(tags:housing Edinburgh epicfail )
Court's ruling means police can preventatively detain people even if they have no specific intelligence linking the individual to crime.
(tags:law uk OhForFucksSake )
Why Asking The People Around You Is A Crappy Way Of Seeing If Your Culture's Okay. (aka Look Where The Bullet Marks Aren't)
(tags:fandom diversity society games magic_mushrooms )
MPs vote for LGBT inclusive sex and relationship education from primary school
(tags:UK education lgbt )
Why SNP MPs abstained on Boles & Clarke amendments
(tags:UK europe snp )
Single Use Plastic Plates, Cutlery, Cups to Be Banned in Europe as of 2021
(tags:plastic environment europe )
Brunei introduces death by stoning as punishment for gay sex
(tags:lgbt homosexuality death OhForFucksSake )
Democracy Is Two Wolves And A Sheep
(tags:funny satire politics democracy wolves sheep )
Why "What Three Words" is a terrible idea.
(tags:location language viaSwampers )
Fuck Positivity: It's Ruining Your Life.
(tags:advice emotion happiness )

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Tags: advice, child_abuse, death, democracy, diversity, edinburgh, education, emotion, environment, epicfail, europe, fail, fandom, funny, games, happiness, homosexuality, housing, language, law, lgbt, links, location, magic_mushrooms, ohforfuckssake, plastic, police, politics, satire, scotland, sheep, snp, society, trains, transport, uk, viaswampers, wolves

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