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Interesting Links for 26-03-2019

17 Million Signatures - a campaign to get the petition to match the vote count of the referendum
(tags:UK europe petition referendum )
Next time you need an alternative to "guys" for a group of people.
(tags:language gender )
Finally: Parliament takes control of Brexit
(tags:UK europe politics )
Masterplan to expand Edinburgh Waverley by 2048 goes on public display
(tags:Edinburgh trains transport )
Too poor to play: children in social housing blocked from communal playground
(tags:children inequality play OhForFucksSake uk )
Why Captain Marvel resonated with women so much
(tags:marvel movies women society )
Millennial men still don't see women as their equals
(tags:gender men women society patriarchy )
MPs take control of Brexit: What the hell happens now?
(tags:politics uk europe hope )
I forgive myself, now I can study: How self-forgiveness for procrastinating can reduce future procrastination
(tags:forgiveness psychology procrastination )
Fossil barnacles reveal whales have followed same migration routes for hundreds of thousands of years
(tags:whales prehistory )
Testosterone Increases The Aggressiveness Of Some Men More Than Others, Depending On Their Personality And Genes
(tags:testosterone aggression genetics men )
Neurons And Intelligence: A Birdbrained Perspective
(tags:Intelligence ape birds humans brain )

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Tags: aggression, ape, birds, brain, children, edinburgh, europe, forgiveness, gender, genetics, hope, humans, inequality, intelligence, language, links, marvel, men, movies, ohforfuckssake, patriarchy, petition, play, politics, prehistory, procrastination, psychology, referendum, society, testosterone, trains, transport, uk, whales, women

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