Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 20-03-2019

A sample of Brexit emails received by an MP
(tags:politics europe uk )
Average Retiree Grows Bored After Just One Year
(tags:work boredom )
??4bn 'trackless tram' to reduce congestion in Cambridge
(tags:uk transport trams )
Most people want higher taxes on rich to support poor - OECD
(tags:tax inequality )
Forget Tesla, It's China's E-Buses That Are Denting Oil Demand
(tags:buses electricity transport china oil globalwarming )
Effects of taxes and benefits on UK household income
(tags:uk tax benefits welfare nhs )
Edinburgh residents want more pedestrian streets - but without reducing buses
(tags:buses transport edinburgh )

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Tags: benefits, boredom, buses, china, edinburgh, electricity, europe, globalwarming, inequality, links, nhs, oil, politics, tax, trams, transport, uk, welfare, work
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