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Interesting Links for 19-03-2019

"Safe When Alone, Yet Lost In Their Aloneness" - What It's Like To Live With Avoidant Personality Disorder
(tags:psychology personality )
Foods from agricultural lifestyles may have made it easier to form some sounds
(tags:humans food prehistory language speech )
Council revises its EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions - adding ten countries
(tags:tax europe )
Interesting discussion on children and presents
(tags:children creativity presents )
A "Bar Chart Race" animation showing the changing ranks of the 10 biggest cities in the world since 1500.
(tags:history cities )
An excellent range on the appalling behaviour of MPs
(tags:politics uk )
Vladimir Putin signs sweeping Internet-censorship bills
(tags:Russia censorship internet )
Your brain does not finish "growing up" until you are in your 30s
(tags:adult development brain psychology )
Inflammation links heart disease and depression
(tags:inflammation heart depression )
'Inflamm-aging' causes loss of bone healing ability in the elderly
(tags:age inflammation )
Fertility app 'Dot' found to be as effective as other family planning methods
(tags:contraception apps )

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Tags: adult, age, apps, brain, censorship, children, cities, contraception, creativity, depression, development, europe, food, heart, history, humans, inflammation, internet, language, links, personality, politics, prehistory, presents, psychology, russia, speech, tax, uk

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