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Interesting Links for 09-03-2019

Japan's tax laws get in way of more women working full time
(tags:japan society tax women )
The Birmingham school that's the latest front of the religious war against homosexuality
(tags:lgbt Education uk religion )
Voters in Northern??Ireland??overwhelmingly reject a hard Brexit, would vote to remain in the European Union in a second referendum and would prefer checks on goods travelling between Great Britain and the North rather than checks on the Irish Border
(tags:NorthernIreland uk europe )
Why you lose hearing for a while after listening to loud sounds
(tags:sound hearing ears )
The future of Nuclear Power may be technology abandoned in the 1970s
(tags:nuclearpower history Technology )
Children's education is strongly correlated with whichever parent spends the most time with them
(tags:parenting Education children )
The US Is Responsible For 26% Of Cumulative Global Warming Emissions
(tags:usa co2 globalwarming )
UK Offshore Wind To Provide A Third Of Country's Electricity By 2030
(tags:windpower uk renewables )
How to Tell a Mother Her Child Is Dead
(tags:death doctors advice empathy usa )

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