Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-03-2019

When TERFs aren't campaigning against Trans rights they like to focus on other important issues such as...Fighting each other for liking anal sex.
(tags:transgender sex wtf )
The Good Omens trailer is out. I'm undecided, but it's at least plausibly good
(tags:terrypratchett neilgaiman tv apocalypse )
A groove is better with rhythm and harmony, new research shows
(tags:dancing psychology )
How to destroy a perfectly good toy shop (Jenners in Edinburgh)
(tags:toys shopping edinburgh fail outsourcing )
I did not know how depressing the ending to the Dinosaurs TV show was!
(tags:dinosaurs tv )
Debunking the "Blind auditions help women in orchestras" research
(tags:gender inequality research )
A Brief History of Brexit for Americans
(tags:UK europe doom video funny viaJennieRigg )
You've never had "real" Soy Sauce. And you probably never will.
(tags:food japan history )

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Tags: apocalypse, dancing, dinosaurs, doom, edinburgh, europe, fail, food, funny, gender, history, inequality, japan, links, neilgaiman, outsourcing, psychology, research, sex, shopping, terrypratchett, toys, transgender, tv, uk, viajennierigg, video, wtf

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