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Interesting Links for 06-03-2019

Female Cyclist Forced To Stop When She Nearly Catches Male Racers After Their Head Start
(tags:cycling )
A quick look at QUIC (the next generation of HTTP over TCP/IP)
(tags:internet networking web Technology )
Picosecond lasers weld glass and metal together for the first time
(tags:lasers materials )
Prospiracy Theories
(tags:conspiracy satire truth funny )
Should vagrants be flogged in the street?
(tags:homelessness libdem )
Emmanuel Macron: Dear Europe, Brexit is a lesson for all of us: it's time for renewal
(tags:europe thefuture )
The Movement To Skip The Electoral College Just Passed A Major Milestone (but has a long way to go)
(tags:politics usa voting viaDanielDWilliam )
A Brief History of British and Irish Languages
(tags:language Wales Scotland UK England Ireland history viaDanielDWilliam )
A Behind the Scenes Take on Lithium-Ion Battery Prices
(tags:batteries thefuture Technology )
GMB launches Scotland's first sex workers' union
(tags:Scotland unions sexwork )
Widening Russia Money Laundering Scandal Hits European Banks
(tags:Russia europe fraud banking )
Missing out on sleep robs brain cells of ability to repair themselves
(tags:brain sleep )
The Special Curse of Living on Instagram's Favorite Street (Paris's Rue Cremieux)
(tags:Paris celebrity photography )
Goldman Sachs relaxes dress code (which companies still insist on more formal dress codes?)
(tags:clothing work )
On Food Shopping for Brexit
(tags:UK europe OhForFucksSake food Conservatives )
What is it like working at a company during and after the release of a negatively received game?
(tags:games work epicfail )
Momentum fined over ??16,000 for multiple breaches of electoral law during 2017 election
(tags:labour politics uk )
What Causes the Smell of New & Old Books?
(tags:smell books chemistry )
Unless something is done, paying by cash will become near-impossible in the UK soon.
I haven't used cash in weeks (if not months) - but the people hardest hit are the poor and those with bad mental health.
(tags:cash money uk Technology )
Study Finds No link Between Violent Video Games And Teen Aggression (Yet again)
(tags:psychology aggression games violence )

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