Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 01-03-2019

Why trans people are refusing invitations to "debate"
(tags:transgender lgbt media )
How an Instagram star walked away from 'selling anorexia'
(tags:socialmedia advertising anorexia food diet )
Brexit: Brussels rejects Costa amendment plan for side-agreement to protect EU citizens rights in no deal
(tags:rights europe uk doom )
YouTube bans comments on all videos of children
(tags:youtube children )
Weekend lie-ins could be worse than staying sleep deprived
(tags:sleep )
Some people have a gene linked with happy Marriages (rs53576)
(tags:relationships genetics )
Why Renewables Can't Save the Planet
(tags:nuclearpower renewables electricity viaCipherGoth )

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Tags: advertising, anorexia, children, diet, doom, electricity, europe, food, genetics, lgbt, links, media, nuclearpower, relationships, renewables, rights, sleep, socialmedia, transgender, uk, viaciphergoth, youtube

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