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Interesting Links for 28-02-2019

Ever wondered how the Speaker chooses which amendments MPs debate and vote on? The Speaker, John Bercow, explains all.
(tags:politics law uk )
Unite members are disagreeing with their leadership about a second Brexit referendum
(tags:UK europe unions referendum )
Eight observations on a delay to Brexit
(tags:uk europe )
French President Emmanuel Macron vows to block any Brexit delay without a clear objective
(tags:uk europe doom france )
Why are there UK wildfires in February?
(tags:uk fire globalwarming )
Hilarious/Awful Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents
(tags:housing awful funny photos viaElfy )
Trans kids massively benefit from being allowed to socially transition
This is my face of not surprise.
(tags:lgbt transgender )
The phone-makers bringing buttons back
(tags:phones design keyboard )
MPs reject Labour's plans in latest Brexit votes
We are going right to the brink with this
(tags:UK europe doom )
Plane snake may have spent weeks in woman's shoe
(tags:shoes snake australia viaDanielDWilliam )
Grangemouth: 100 years in the oil industry
(tags:Scotland oil history viaDanielDWilliam )
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Renewed for Season 7
(tags:tv GoodNews )
First semi-identical twins identified in pregnancy
(tags:pregnancy twins babies )
These Are The Pre-match Emotional Control Strategies That Higher-ranked Table Tennis Players Use More Than Lower-ranked Players
(tags:sports psychology )
Famous laws of Software development
(tags:software development )
Not all sleep is equal when it comes to cleaning the brain
(tags:sleep brain neuroscience )
Being a trans woman doesn't give you an advantage in sport
(tags:sports transgender lgbt )
The reason the courts didn't force a re-run of the Brexit referendum is that it was merely advisory. (Noted for future use)
(tags:uk europe referendum fraud law )
I have no time for tribalism, and Labour are terrible for it.
(tags:labour politics uk )
How we could accidentally end up with No Deal
(tags:europe uk doom )

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