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Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 26-02-2019

Never push systems to their limits. Particularly when the system is you.
(tags:systems mentalhealth )
Can the UK extend the Brexit deadline?
(tags:uk europe doom )
Labour backs second referendum: Is this really happening?
(tags:labour europe uk referendum hope )
Military draft: Judge rules male-only draft is unconstitutional
(tags:usa military gender )
Suicide instructions spliced into kids' cartoons on YouTube and YouTube Kids
The whole point of YouTube Kids is that it's safe. If they aren't vetting the content then what is the point?
(tags:youtube suicide OhForFucksSake children )
Hands on with the HoloLens 2
(tags:augmentedreality microsoft video )
'Austerity, That's What I Know': The Making of a Young U.K. Socialist
(tags:UK politics economy austerity )
Humans Who Are Not Concentrating Are Not General Intelligences
(tags:intelligence ai language )
Wage Stagnation: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
(tags:economics wages inequality )

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Tags: ai, augmentedreality, austerity, children, doom, economics, economy, europe, gender, hope, inequality, intelligence, labour, language, links, mentalhealth, microsoft, military, ohforfuckssake, politics, referendum, suicide, systems, uk, usa, video, wages, youtube

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