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Interesting Links for 22-02-2019

At 18 storeys, Mj??sa Tower in Brumunddal to take title of world's tallest wooden building
(tags:wood design architecture )
Extinguishing fear memories relies on an unusual change to DNA
(tags:genetics fear psychology memory )
The doctors facing sexual harassment
(tags:harrassment doctors )
Empire star Jussie Smollett staged hoax attack over salary
(tags:OhForFucksSake racism usa fraud )
Honda's 2018 briefing undermines claim plant closure not Brexit-related
(tags:UK europe manufacturing cars doom )
Wind Provided 14% Of European Union's Electricity In 2018
(tags:EU windpower )
New dates show massive volcanic eruptions overlapped with dinosaurs' death
(tags:dinosaurs extinction volcano asteroids )
Why Britain needs HS2
(tags:uk trains environment transport )
Gordon Ramsay's food approach helped my family of autistic eaters.
Similar for me with Masterchef. I've become far more amount to try things which make me nervous.
(tags:food autism tv )
Edinburgh's SNP/Labour coalition gets their budget passed
(tags:edinburgh budget labour snp )
People keep asking me about what Android phone they should get for £xxx - saving this for next time it happens
I have a OnePlus 6 I'm very happy with myself. Will be looking elsewhere next time I upgrade though, unless the 7 has a headphone socket.
(tags:phones android advice )
Tens of thousands of UK children have PTSD due to bullying and violence, Lancet study finds
(tags:ptsd children bullying )
French government starts using Matrix for decentralised secure, decentralized, realtime communication
(tags:opensource communication france )

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Tags: advice, android, architecture, asteroids, autism, budget, bullying, cars, children, communication, design, dinosaurs, doctors, doom, edinburgh, environment, eu, europe, extinction, fear, food, france, fraud, genetics, harrassment, labour, links, manufacturing, memory, ohforfuckssake, opensource, phones, psychology, ptsd, racism, snp, trains, transport, tv, uk, usa, volcano, windpower, wood

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