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Interesting Links for 16-02-2019

"I swallowed the Brexit lies. Now I regret telling curry house workers to vote leave"
(tags:UK europe fraud restaurant )
Solar Mini-Grids Give Nigeria a Power Boost
(tags:nigeria solarpower )
Should You Listen To Music While Doing Intellectual Work? It Depends On The Music, The Task, And Your Personality
(tags:personality music concentration boredom psychology )
How does the original What Women Want hold up two decades later?
(tags:movies women history )
How Brexit revealed four new political factions
(tags:politics europe uk visualisation )
Solar plant the size of San Francisco powers Morocco's sunlit ambitions
(tags:solarpower Morocco )
Porsche asks UK buyers to commit to 10% no-deal Brexit surcharge
(tags:UK europe trade cars doom )
School science textbooks make children more racially prejudiced
(tags:racism children genetics Education )
Domestication syndrome is *fascinating* (and may apply to humans)
(tags:behaviour genetics animals humans civilization )
This is an incredible display of fitness
(tags:fitness video impressive )
Synesthete paints what the music looks like
(tags:music art synaesthesia )
Mental health problems can be diagnosed using children's teeth
(tags:teeth children psychology )
Derry Girls Series 2 Trailer. Yaaaaaay!
(tags:tv NorthernIreland funny trailer )
Politics for children works remarkably similarly to politics for adults
(tags:politics children school uk )


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