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Interesting Links for 14-02-2019

Mars rover "Opportunity" is probably done, alas
(tags:Mars robots NASA )
Boys banned from playing netball at Urdd sports festival
(tags:gender sports )
What you, personally, can do about the upcoming insect apocalypse.
(tags:insects gardens environment )
Girl Scouts reject anti-transgender gift, then triple the money
(tags:usa transgender scouts lgbt girls )
EU officials: UK only 'pretending to negotiate' over Brexit impasse
(tags:UK europe doom )
Bikes put spanner in works of Dutch driverless car schemes
(tags:cars automation bicycles netherlands )
Lufthansa sues passenger for not getting on a plane
(tags:airlines OhForFucksSake )
Failed UKIP candidate claims he was personally invited on to BBC Question Time
(tags:UKIP bbc OhForFucksSake )
Post-Brexit trade partners ask UK to lower human rights standards
(tags:rights trade doom uk europe )
The "Impossible" Tech Behind SpaceX's New Engine
(tags:technology space fuel Spacex )
Female Gamer Angry About How Breast Physics Work in Real Life
(tags:physics breasts games satire funny viaBartCalendar )
Why is Ford leaving? Is it the risk of hard Brexit? Or because we're abandoning the Customs Union? Is it because we're leaving the Single Market? Or is it the Euro?
(tags:trade europe euro uk doom )
The Proverbial Murder Mystery (This made me giggle repeatedly)
(tags:funny humour language )
Newly isolated human gut bacterium reveals possible connection to depression
(tags:depression microbiome )
Effect of breastfeeding versus pumping on human milk microbiome
(tags:microbiome milk breastfeeding babies )
"One man who made history" by another who seems just to make it up: Boris on Churchill
(tags:history myths fail uk wwii )

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Tags: airlines, automation, babies, bbc, bicycles, breastfeeding, breasts, cars, depression, doom, environment, euro, europe, fail, fuel, funny, games, gardens, gender, girls, history, humour, insects, language, lgbt, links, mars, microbiome, milk, myths, nasa, netherlands, ohforfuckssake, physics, rights, robots, satire, scouts, space, spacex, sports, technology, trade, transgender, uk, ukip, usa, viabartcalendar, wwii

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