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Interesting Links for 08-02-2019

Car park tax unworkable? One English city would disagree
(tags:uk cars tax cities transport )
Who does Donald Tusk think he is? We've always been so civil with these 'EU dirty rats'
(tags:UK europe language )
New top floor for Edinburgh's Waverley Mall
(tags:Edinburgh viaDanielDWilliam )
Google Death: A Tool to Take Care of Your Gmail When You're Gone
(tags:Google Gmail death viaSwampers )
When people see Measles first hand, they go get vaccinated
(tags:disease vaccination usa )
On educating the kink community about STIs
(tags:disease sex education kink )
My disabled son - 'the nobleman, the philanderer, the detective'
(tags:gaming life death )
New Tonga island is now home to flowers and owls
(tags:pacific volcano flowers wildlife )
Sweden's surprising rule for time off to start your own company
(tags:sweden business )
Today's press release from Juncker and May contains...nothing at all. Nothing has changed, and A No-Deal Brexit is 50 days away.
(tags:uk europe doom )
The Cookie Monster AMA is brilliant
(tags:muppets reddit funny viaSwampers )
Female-led funeral directors out to buck several trends in male-dominated industry
(tags:death gender uk )

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