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Interesting Links for 05-02-2019

Why British politicians shouldn't be using WW2 as a rhetorical ploy
(tags:UK europe Germany history wwii )
Princes Street could be ???entertainment hub??? - Edinburgh reacts to looming ???shop exodus???
(tags:edinburgh )
UK ministers are (rightly) concerned about the US siding with Ireland over the backstop
(tags:UK usa ireland )
The World Might Actually Run Out of People
Large swathes of the world are already well below replenishment rates of reproduction. It's only a matter of time.
(tags:population thefuture viaSwampers )
How Austerity Caused Brexit
(tags:UK europe austerity )
Voting for Trump in primaries inversely correlated with attending church
(tags:religion usa politics )
Warwick students suspended for rape chat won't return
(tags:university RapeCulture )
Where Wednesday Addams got her name
(tags:tv history names )
Two types of gut bacteria consistently found at low levels in people with depression
(tags:microbiome depression )
The Caucasus: Complex interplay of genes and cultures
(tags:prehistory genetics )
Preliminary Thoughts on Brexit Related Water and Energy Security
(tags:UK europe doom )

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