Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 22-01-2019

To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a City Must Keep Quiet
(tags: music sound italy violin history )
Landlords forcing smart-locks on tenants
(tags: housing Technology )
You Should Never Donate To The Salvation Army
(tags: homelessness OhForFucksSake )
Tucker Carlson has sparked the most interesting debate in US conservative politics
(tags: conservatism usa politics economics )
Google hit with £44m GDPR fine over ads
(tags: google privacy advertising dataprotection )
Long periods of undisturbed sleep during pregnancy may be associated with stillbirth
(tags: childbirth death pregnancy sleep )
Labour's position on Brexit is not materially different from the Conservatives
(tags: UK europe labour )

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Tags: advertising, childbirth, conservatism, dataprotection, death, economics, europe, google, history, homelessness, housing, italy, labour, links, music, ohforfuckssake, politics, pregnancy, privacy, sleep, sound, technology, uk, usa, violin

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