Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 16-01-2019

Even when the victim has been unable to consent for over a decade, the media is still unwilling to call rape rape.
(tags: rape language journalism usa consent )
Exhibition offers glimpse of how Edinburgh might have looked if 1960s plans had gone ahead
(tags: edinburgh history design transport )
Government sneaks out £7,000 pension cut for poorest elderly couples
(tags: uk pensions austerity )
Highway to the Danger Zone: The Heterosexual Tragedy of Top Gun
(tags: funny lgbt movies TomCruise )
This kind of outpouring of support is what I love about the internet.
(tags: disabilities internet )
After Brexit vote: No 10 looking at what, if anything, might get a majority
(tags: uk europe politics )
The Search for England?s Forgotten Footpaths
(tags: england walking history )
Defamation law to be reformed in Scotland
(tags: Scotland law )
I absolutely, totally, 100% agree with this Brexit prediction
(tags: warhammer funny uk europe satire )
What do MPs actually *want*?
(tags: politics UK europe )
On GMO safety, the fiercest opponents understand the least
(tags: genetics ignorance )
US President Signs Government-Wide Open Data Bill
(tags: OpenAccess data usa government )
Brexit, what just happened and what happens next?
(tags: UK europe )
Genes reveal clues about people's potential life expectancy
(tags: lifespan genetics )
The 35 different ways your face conveys emotions
(tags: emotion faces )
EU will not renegotiate Withdrawal Agreement, but could update political declaration on future relationship if our red lines change
(tags: uk europe )
New Findings Could Help Explain Why ADHD Is Often Overlooked In Girls
(tags: adhd girls women diagnosis )
Theresa May's vow to contact 'senior parliamentarians' is a complete sham
(tags: uk europe OhForFucksSake politics )

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