Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-01-2019

If Brexit were a film, what would be the music on the soundtrack be?
(tags: UK europe music funny )
Plans to open up streets to pedestrians and cyclists in Edinburgh
(tags: edinburgh transport scotland )
Americans are happier in states that spend more on libraries, parks and highways
(tags: usa money happiness government )
I had no idea that DARPA now had self-guided 50-caliber bullets
(tags: video military weaponry Technology thefuture )
Sado-unicornism: May confuses self-harm for strategy
(tags: UK europe doom )
Explaining that falling back on the WTO isn't a deal, and isn't something anyone competent would want anything to do with.
(tags: trade doom uk europe fraud viaJoachim )
Could a Post-Brexit UK make better trade agreements than the EU does?
(tags: trade uk europe )
Balanced diet, exercise doesn't prevent gestational diabetes
(tags: diabetes gestation pregnancy )
$1T is leaving Britain because of Brexit
(tags: finance UK europe doom )
Genetic code that turns animals monogamous identified m
(tags: monogamy genetics )
Explaining Maxwell's Equations, and thus how electricity and magnetism intertwine
(tags: physics )
Six-day queues into Dover feared under no-deal Brexit scenario
(tags: UK europe doom )

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Tags: diabetes, doom, edinburgh, europe, finance, fraud, funny, genetics, gestation, government, happiness, links, military, money, monogamy, music, physics, pregnancy, scotland, technology, thefuture, trade, transport, uk, usa, viajoachim, video, weaponry

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