Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 19-12-2018

Polling for a future referendum continues to look very good
(tags: UK europe referendum polls )
Women astronomers have had lower success rates with proposals to use the Hubble Space Telescope. Until they finally tried blind reviewing (so reviewers didn’t know the identity of the proposers), and the discrepancy went away.
(tags: sexism space astronomy )
The Sun's reporting on Brexit is, shockingly, utter nonsense.
(tags: UK europe lies media )
Galileo, Krypton, and How the Metric Standard Came to Be
(tags: measurement physics history )
Brexit: Theresa May to hold a series of MPs' votes on options
(tags: uk europe )
Former minister says he will vote to bring down government if Theresa May backs no-deal Brexit
(tags: UK europe doom )
Second Conservative MP says she'd leave party rather than accept No Deal
(tags: Conservatives uk europe doom )
That's three senior Tory MPs who say they will quit the party if Theresa May backs a no-deal Brexit
(tags: UK europe Conservatives doom )
FT Person of the Year: George Soros
(tags: politics society Hungary europe )
Removing sweets from checkouts linked to dramatic fall in unhealthy snack purchases
(tags: food health diet sugar )

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