Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 14-12-2018

Theresa May is postponing the vote until after Christmas. At the earliest
(tags: UK europe doom )
You'll want to read the responses to this tweet asking about petty crime in London
(tags: London crime funny viaSwampers )
The Titanic Was On Fire For Days Before The Iceberg Hit
(tags: fire ocean titanic epicfail )
‘The Forgotten War’: Is Putin Really Winning in Ukraine?
(tags: russia ukraine )
So when will the deal return to the Commons?
(tags: UK europe )
Brexit is the story of a proud former imperial power undergoing a mid-life crisis
(tags: uk europe )
EU leaders have effectively started public negotiations, not with Government, but with Parliament.
(tags: UK europe politics )
What is Federal Land? (or "Most of Nevada doesn't belong to Nevada")
(tags: usa land history video )
Trump: A Setback For Trumpism
(tags: politics republicans usa )
We finally talked to an actual Waymo passenger—here’s what he told us
(tags: driving automation )
23andMe Informed Me My Husband and I Are Related
(tags: genetics family relationships )
A History of Waterfall Software Development
(tags: software development history viaFanf )
Watchdog bans harmful gender stereotypes in adverts
(tags: stereotypes advertising uk )
I found myself cheering China in, watching its growth in this short video
(tags: economy China USA Japan Europe video ViaDrCross )
This scientist *really* doesn't like Donald Trump
(tags: research funny politics faeces ViaDrCross )

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