Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-11-2018

Brexit: More voters would prefer to stay in EU than accept Theresa May's deal
(tags: uk europe polls )
Wriggly, giggle, puffball: What makes some words funny?
(tags: language humour )
Teachers of Reddit discuss positive trends they have noticed in today's youth
(tags: children GoodNews viaElfy )
New research finds there is no “right thing” to say when you want to be supportive
(tags: empathy support psychology )
Dropping Acid - how playing with technology caused a whole new musical genre
(tags: music history Technology )
Brexit: Referendum may be inevitable - John McDonnell
(tags: UK europe referendum )
The First Labor Strike in History (in ancient Egypt)
(tags: history strike egypt )

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Tags: children, egypt, empathy, europe, goodnews, history, humour, language, links, music, polls, psychology, referendum, strike, support, technology, uk, viaelfy

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