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Interesting Links for 26-11-2018

Puberty for the Middle-Aged Woman
(tags: menstruation age women )
The ‘feel-good’ horror of late-stage capitalism
(tags: usa rights OhForFucksSake )
What's actually going on with the Gibraltar Brexit negotiations
(tags: UK europe Spain Gibraltar )
EU warns that Britain will not have any decision-making role in the EU's foreign and security policy
(tags: europe uk )
All the ways your rich friends won't get it.
Including me, I'm sad to say.
(tags: inequality university )
Why you shouldn't be anti self-diagnosis
(tags: diagnosis healthcare )
On November 26th, a mole will land on Mars
(tags: mars space comic )
Should you buy "The Fall of Gondolin"?
(tags: Tolkien lotr review )
Jo Walton’s review of Holy Bible: King James Version
(tags: bible religion christianity review )
How machine learning can reinforce systemic racism
(tags: racism ai )
Some actual data and context about the prevalence of trigger warnings
(tags: Education )
What did the UN Rapporteur say about the Scottish government and poverty?
(tags: austerity poverty scotland )
May’s Brexit deal is already doomed. Here’s how the Christmas meltdown could play out
(tags: UK europe doom )
Anyone who thinks the centre-left needs to “get a handle on immigration” in order to defeat the rise of the far-right clearly hasn’t heard of New Labour.
(tags: immigration fascism OhForFucksSake )
Russian vessels open fire on Ukrainian warships
(tags: Ukraine Russia doom )
Motorists Punish Helmet-Wearing Cyclists With Close Passes, Confirms Data Recrunch
(tags: cycling safety )
Ohio becomes the first state to accept bitcoin for tax payments
(tags: bitcoin tax Ohio usa )
Natural gas firms have a proposal to convert home heating to hydrogen
(tags: hydrogen heating uk )
What court cases related to Brexit are currently underway?
(tags: UK europe law )
Cortical control of a tablet computer by people with paralysis
(tags: disability cyborg Technology )
For these people with depression, all treatment approaches had failed, but then they adopted a pet...
(tags: depression dogs cats pets )
One million Chinese people move into Muslim homes to report on Islamic or unpatriotic beliefs
(tags: islam china OhForFucksSake )

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