Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 24-11-2018

Airlines face crack down on use of exploitative algorithm that splits up families on flights
(tags: business airplanes OhForFucksSake )
US Coal On Track For Record Capacity Decline, Closing 15.4 Gigawatts
(tags: coal usa )
Have you got a “self-actualised” personality? A new test brings Maslow’s ideas into the 21st century
I score highly for perception of reality and incredibly low for purpose.
(tags: personality psychology )
Repowering the UK’s oldest wind farms could boost energy generation by 171%
(tags: windpower uk )
Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland stop weapons sales to Saudi Arabia in response to Yemen famine
(tags: saudiarabia weaponry business Germany Netherlands denmark finland )
You should read your children illustrated stories
(tags: books reading children psychology neuroscience )
The Sentilese may be averse to outside contact for good reasons
(tags: india society history uk )
British army chief: Russia 'far bigger threat than IS'
(tags: Russia UK )
British government drops military-style rifle ban amid backbench revolt
(tags: UK guns law fail )

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Tags: airplanes, books, business, children, coal, denmark, fail, finland, germany, guns, history, india, law, links, netherlands, neuroscience, ohforfuckssake, personality, psychology, reading, russia, saudiarabia, society, uk, usa, weaponry, windpower

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