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Interesting Links for 13-11-2018

Every Brexit headline for the last six months
(tags: UK europe doom )
Art of SFF: Charles Vess on Working with Ursula Le Guin on The Books of Earthsea
(tags: art UrsulaKLegGuin fantasy )
Cost of wind and solar fall below cost of coal and gas
(tags: solarpower windpower renewables GoodNews gas coal usa )
Samsung’s foldable smartphone reportedly costs $1,770. I'll take two!
(tags: phones design samsung android )
Democrats Say Their First Bill Will Focus On Strengthening Democracy At Home
(tags: democracy usa democrats )
Israel-Gaza violence erupts after covert op killings
(tags: israel palestine )
'No completion date' for new Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh
(tags: Edinburgh hospital fail construction )
Stan Lee Dead: Marvel Comics' Real-Life Superhero Was 95
(tags: obituary comics marvel )
Children with autism thrive in mainstream pre-schools
(tags: autism children )
Voters in most vulnerable Tory seats back fresh Brexit referendum
(tags: UK europe referendum Conservatives )
Nearly entire class throws Nazi salute for photo. FFS
(tags: OhForFucksSake nazis school usa )
Female prisoners in England left to give birth alone in their cells
(tags: prison women birth OhForFucksSake )
"Detective Pikachu” looks delightfully weird
(tags: movies games pokemon trailer )
London women tell UN poverty envoy about impact of welfare cuts
(tags: austerity UK OhForFucksSake )
Minister responsible for getting a Brexit deal is pushing for no deal.
(tags: UK europe doom )
Jony Ive's latest design is the ultimate diamond ring – made only of diamond.
(tags: diamonds apple charity design )
People are “consistently inconsistent” in how they reason about controversial scientific topics
(tags: logic thinking science rationality psychology )
Aardman Animation is Giving The Company to Their Employees
(tags: animation business employment ownership )

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