Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 09-11-2018

The spotlight of attention is more like a strobe, say researchers
(tags: psychology attention perception )
Dyson wins ruling over vacuum cleaner tests
(tags: vacuum testing europe )
"Don't Call Yourself A Programmer" , And Other Career Advice | Kalzumeus Software
(tags: programming business )
Plan to ban cars along Edinburgh's George Street
(tags: Edinburgh cars )
Scots curriculum to include focus on LGBTI issues
(tags: lgbt school Scotland GoodNews )
To deter crime, don't increase sentences, increase certainty of punishment
(tags: crime effectiveness )
Disney's new Netflix rival will be called Disney+ and launch late 2019
(tags: Disney marvel Pixar streaming )
China's 'AI newsreader': Which of these isn't real?
Spoilers - it's the one which sounds like a robot. Bonus points to whoever at the BBC referred to it as a "programme".
(tags: china ai news tv )

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Tags: ai, attention, business, cars, china, crime, disney, edinburgh, effectiveness, europe, goodnews, lgbt, links, marvel, news, perception, pixar, programming, psychology, school, scotland, streaming, testing, tv, vacuum

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