Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-11-2018

Preschool children remember what they hear while they're asleep
(tags: sleep children memory )
Women who give birth to boys much more likely to have postnatal depression
(tags: depression boys childbirth )
The Mid-Term Elections Defied A Single Summary
(tags: usa politics )
MPs do not have 'legal veto' to stop no-deal Brexit
(tags: UK europe doom )
Florida voters approve amendment to restore right to vote for felons who have served their time (including over a million African-Americans)
(tags: usa voting GoodNews florida )
Republicans declared war on Nancy Pelosi, and she won
(tags: politics usa )
Photo Gallery: Capturing Scotland in the Midst of Its Green Renewal
(tags: Scotland photos )
Entitled people are much worse at cooperating
(tags: cooperation society psychology )
Huge fall in prevalence of FGM/genital cutting among girls across Africa
(tags: fgm africa )
"Gather round, Gentle Readers. It is time I tell the story of the worst decision I ever made in an office. Whatever you do in your office today, this week, the rest of this year, you can console yourself by recalling this tale."
(tags: funny actors epicfail )
Theresa May’s New Housing Adviser Said “There Is No Such Crime” As Date Rape
(tags: rape Conservatives )

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Tags: actors, africa, boys, childbirth, children, conservatives, cooperation, depression, doom, epicfail, europe, fgm, florida, funny, goodnews, links, memory, photos, politics, psychology, rape, scotland, sleep, society, uk, usa, voting

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