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Interesting Links for 07-11-2018

Federal Judge Blocks Native Americans in North Dakota from Voting
(tags: usa voting racism OhForFucksSake )
Why is British media so transphobic?
(tags: transgender lgbt UK media )
UK renewable energy capacity surpasses fossil fuels for first time
(tags: renewables uk GoodNews electricity )
Restaurants fail for many reasons – don’t try to pin this on millennials
(tags: restaurant business )
Why Caligula should be Theresa May's role model
(tags: history rome Conservatives uk europe )
I cannot, from the information here, see any way that a deal is happening between the UK and the EU
The UK will not accept a backstop which is permanent. The EU will not accept a backstop which is not permanent. The EU will not sacrifice its internal integrity for a third party. May hasn't got the votes to push, well, anything through.
(tags: uk europe doom )
Children's screen time has little effect on sleep
(tags: screens phones tv sleep children )
Can Hong Kong Sell Its Residents on Watery Graves?
(tags: water death HongKong )
Family tree of 400 million people shows genetics has limited influence on longevity
(tags: longevity genetics )
Experts testing cladding after Grenfell banned from criticising Theresa May under gagging clauses
(tags: censorship government UK OhForFucksSake )
Labour says it will vote down a blind Brexit deal with no details about future relationship
(tags: UK europe labour politics )
Midterms 2018: Weed Wins on Election Day
(tags: marijuana legalisation usa GoodNews )
This report into autism and mental health provision in Scotland does not make for happy reading
(tags: autism mentalhealth scotland )

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