Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 03-11-2018

Fish fingers surprisingly sustainable
(tags: fish environment )
How should liberalism respond to the prevalence of social media?
(tags: socialmedia liberal Technology doom )
Five products you didn't know were harming the environment (and you!)
(tags: environment )
Brexit: DUP leader Arlene Foster says deal is close after meeting with Dominic Raab
(tags: DUP NorthernIreland UK europe )
Labour Party branch voted down motion condemning attack on Pittsburgh synagogue
(tags: Jews Labour OhForFucksSake )
'Good guys' in superhero films more violent than villains
(tags: violence media superheroes )

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comment count unavailable comments there.
Tags: doom, dup, environment, europe, fish, jews, labour, liberal, links, media, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, socialmedia, superheroes, technology, uk, violence

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