Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-10-2018

Why the Nordic Model hurts sex workers
(tags: sexwork fail law )
Five days left to support trans and non binary people in England and Wales
(tags: lgbt transgender UK )
Carlsberg brewery abandons plastic rings and glues beer cans together
(tags: plastic alcohol design GoodNews )
Theresa May's domestic vulnerability leaves Brexit talks on knife-edge
If only she hadn't called an election and lost her majority
(tags: UK europe doom )
Pregabalin: There’s Been A Huge Surge In Deaths Linked To ‘The New Valium’
(tags: drugs abuse death UK addiction )
Government urged to make UK a zero carbon country by 2050
(tags: globalwarming co2 UK thefuture )
Offshore wealth: loopholes found in EU anti-tax evasion rules
(tags: tax europe )
The Big List of RPG Plots
(tags: roleplaying plot writing )
I am totally doing this with Sophia when she's older
(tags: children fun video )
Categorising children makes them more likely to give up when things go wrong
(tags: children psychology )

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Tags: abuse, addiction, alcohol, children, co2, death, design, doom, drugs, europe, fail, fun, globalwarming, goodnews, law, lgbt, links, plastic, plot, psychology, roleplaying, sexwork, tax, thefuture, transgender, uk, video, writing

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