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Interesting Links for 14-10-2018

The Horror Oscars: The Best Scary Movies of Every Year Since 1978’s ‘Halloween’
(tags: horror movies )
'Not everything was looted': British Museum to fight critics
(tags: history museums uk )
Turkey obtains recordings of Saudi journalist's murder (via his Apple Watch)
(tags: murder journalism saudiarabia turkey technology apple )
Turns out GOOP's claims are only 90% pseudoscience
(tags: fraud )
Labour MPs reveal they are ready to rescue Theresa May's Brexit deal in Commons vote
(tags: UK europe labour )
Leaked emails reveal DUP chief ready for no-deal Brexit
(tags: UK europe NorthernIreland DUP )
Margaret Atwood on the magic of Neil Gaiman | Books | The Guardian
(tags: margaretatwood neilgaiman )
I'm curious how many women under the age of 40 know what life was like for women in the 60s.
(tags: women history rights )
Silicon Valley companies are desparate to ignore any responsibility they have for the effects they have on the world
(tags: Technology society responsibility )
Sorry to Crush Your Dreams, But We’re Not Colonizing Space Anytime Soon
(tags: space )
Legally, how does the USA declare war?
(tags: war law usa )
Scottish weather too strong for waterfall
(tags: scotland weather video viaSwampers )
Fascist Spain meets British punk:Carlos Ezquerra and the subversive genius of Judge Dredd
(tags: comics fascism JudgeDredd 2000AD history spain uk )
RSC head of voice Kate Godfrey: ‘I want actors to use their own accents’
(tags: shakespeare acting accents )
A Map of Every Building in America
(tags: maps usa )

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