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Interesting Links for 11-10-2018

Mental health care in the NHS is terrible.
(tags: mentalhealth NHS UK OhForFucksSake )
Uncoiling the spiral: Maths and hallucinations
(tags: vision brain mathematics patterns )
Theresa May told to scrap fit-to-work assessments after nearly 50% of women attempted suicide during process
(tags: suicide welfare uk OhForFucksSake )
A brief history of Grace Kelly
(tags: movies royalty celebrity )
Now this is an awesome obituary
(tags: death obituary funny viaSwampers )
Pro-remain Tory MPs will form group to vote down May's Brexit deal
(tags: conservatives UK europe )
Declassified documents show why the US and the USSR came close to war in 1973
(tags: history war USA russia )
Uniqlo cut 90% of staff at one warehouse by replacing them with robots
(tags: robots jobs japan )
Waymo's self-driving cars have logged 10 million miles
(tags: automation cars driving )
Feeding 10 billion people by 2050 within planetary limits may be achievable
(tags: food population thefuture )

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Tags: automation, brain, cars, celebrity, conservatives, death, driving, europe, food, funny, history, japan, jobs, links, mathematics, mentalhealth, movies, nhs, obituary, ohforfuckssake, patterns, population, robots, royalty, russia, suicide, thefuture, uk, usa, viaswampers, vision, war, welfare

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