Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 01-10-2018

You are always allowed to leave
(tags: boundaries advice society )
Ethiopian baboons are domesticating wolves
(tags: monkey wolves )
He Got Schizophrenia. He Got Cancer. And Then He Got Cured.
(tags: schizophrenia immune_system microbiome inflammation )
California has a new law: No more all-male boards
(tags: business equality women )
11-year-old girl forced to sit through classes in blood-soaked clothes after getting first period
There's a teacher who should be fucking sacked.
(tags: school menstruation OhForFucksSake )
A trade expert explains why Brexit is catastrophic
And, because of technical issues, actually gets a decent amount of time to talk about it.
(tags: Europe trade doom uk )
Jeremy Hunt rebuked by Latvian ambassador for saying EU membership is like being occupied by the USSR
(tags: OhForFucksSake Conservatives russia Europe uk )

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Tags: advice, boundaries, business, conservatives, doom, equality, europe, immune_system, inflammation, links, menstruation, microbiome, monkey, ohforfuckssake, russia, schizophrenia, school, society, trade, uk, wolves, women

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