Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-09-2018

There’s no such thing as ‘justifiable assault’
(tags: children violence scotland )
Clearly everyone should celebrate Wolfenoot
(tags: wolves dogs holidays meme )
"Innocent Until Proven Guilty" is a horribly misused phrase
(tags: law )
Root is a terrific—and fully asymmetric—woodland wargame
I want to play this. Shame it's not on general sale.
(tags: games review )
The British Gymnastics Association responds to a complaint about their trans acceptance policy
(tags: lgbt transgender sports )
Europe’s Oldest Intact Book Goes On Display In London
(tags: books history Europe uk )
No Cash Needed at This Cafe: Students Pay the Tab with Their Personal Data
(tags: privacy identity coffee )
Why Bride Price Costs in China Are Out of Control
(tags: China money marriage gender economics )
Boris Johnson says the government has been negotiating in bad faith over Northern Ireland
(tags: UK Europe NorthernIreland OhForFucksSake lies )
'Significant' number of Conservative MPs would back new Brexit referendum, says Dominic Grieve
(tags: UK referendum Europe Conservatives )
(tags: politics law usa satire )
Europe's racist far right is not on the rise. It’s always been there.
(tags: racism Europe )
Estonia sues Gemalto for 152 mln euros over ID card flaws
(tags: Estonia identity security fail fraud viaFanf )
Play a game on your phone which helps researchers understand Alzheimer's better
(tags: alzheimers games phones )
Three in five British adults say miracles are possible
(tags: belief uk OhForFucksSake )

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