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Interesting Links for 27-09-2018

Science Says Toxic Masculinity — More Than Alcohol — Leads To Sexual Assault
(tags: rape society psychology )
Walmart Requires Lettuce, Spinach Suppliers to Join Blockchain
(tags: blockchain Technology vegetables business tracking shopping )
Tackling the problem of 'noisy' electricity
(tags: electricity )
Jeremy Corbyn offers Brexit truce with Theresa May if her final deal is sensible
(tags: uk europe labour )
EU steps up plans for no-deal Brexit as Labour stance alarms capitals
(tags: Europe UK Labour doom )
Skripal suspect 'real name' revealed as Anatoliy Chepiga
(tags: Russia assassination identity )
From Russia With Blood: 14 Suspected Hits On British Soil That The Government Ignored
(tags: uk russia assassination government wtf )
UK appoints food supplies minister amid fears of no-deal Brexit
(tags: UK Europe food doom )
Nobody can say that social media isn't a book to society
(tags: funny genitals cards twitter )
Jeremy Corbyn to meet with EU chief Brexit negotiator
(tags: Labour UK europe )
Limiting children's screen time to two hours and making sure they get tons of sleep linked to better cognition
(tags: sleep children computers achievement )
After century of removing appendixes, docs find antibiotics can be enough
(tags: disease antibiotics surgery )
Reclassification recommendations for drug in magic mushrooms
(tags: psilocybin magic_mushrooms medicine psychedelics )
Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information
(tags: facebook surveillance privacy advertising )
No-deal Brexit could lead to NI electricity blackouts
No wonder reunification polls are hitting 58%!
(tags: uk europe NorthernIreland )
Emmanuel Macron says Britain could stay in the EU ‘for sure’ if it changes its mind on Brexit
(tags: europe uk france )
Customs union: What is it, what would leaving it mean and what post-Brexit alternatives are there?
(tags: uk europe trade doom )
How to look generous and get more, in one simple step
(tags: behaviour psychology )

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