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Interesting Links for 26-09-2018

"Think of Sweeper like a self-driving car, only with a saw on its face and a hunger for peppers."
(tags: automation vegetables farming )
Possibly the best argument on Twitter
(tags: logic argument funny )
Fruit has evolved different colours to attract different animal species
(tags: fruit colour food evolution animals )
Parasites, serotonin, dopamine, and social media
I don't actually recommend you dump social media. Frankly, socialising is good.
(tags: Parasites socialmedia )
Reality Check: What is Labour's Brexit plan?
(tags: labour uk europe )
The U.S. Army admits that they're dependent on recruiting people from poverty
(tags: poverty military usa viaSwampers )
How does Shazam work?
(tags: music computers mathematics )
Scotland confronts homophobes and transphobes in amazing new billboard campaign
(tags: lgbt homophobia transgender scotland )
Although many thought Koko the ape used sign language, there's really no evidence
(tags: sign language ape )
Making government as a platform real
(tags: government internet )
Labour's Brexit plan: to have an illusion of a plan, not an actual plan
(tags: uk europe Labour OhForFucksSake )
Disgusting: [NERD PROPERTY] Fans Are Boycotting Because It Features Some [MARGINALIZED PEOPLE] *TEMPLATE*
(tags: satire true games bigotry abuse )
The contexts of Thatcher’s Bruges speech of 1988
(tags: margaretthatcher Europe history conservatives politics uk )

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Tags: abuse, animals, ape, argument, automation, bigotry, colour, computers, conservatives, europe, evolution, farming, food, fruit, funny, games, government, history, homophobia, internet, labour, language, lgbt, links, logic, margaretthatcher, mathematics, military, music, ohforfuckssake, parasites, politics, poverty, satire, scotland, sign, socialmedia, transgender, true, uk, usa, vegetables, viaswampers

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