Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 24-09-2018

Majority Of Voters Back Urgent Reform Of Westminster System
(tags: reform voting uk )
Why it matters that Bert and Ernie are gay, which they are
(tags: lgbt muppets SesameStreet )
Octopuses on MDMA reveal genetic evolution link to human social behaviors
(tags: social octopus ecstasy psychology )
Continental Drift - It's amazing how recent anything even vaguely resembling modern continents arise
(tags: geology geography video time )
How the World Map Looks Wildly Different Than You Think
(tags: video maps world size )
Solar panels replaced tarmac on a motorway. Here are the results.
(tags: solarpower roads fail )
App update rejected for mentioning iPhone XR in release notes
(tags: apple wtf )
Chechnya starts concentration camps for gay men, first time after Hitler
(tags: lgbt homosexuality Chechnya fascism bigotry OhForFucksSake )
Labour's new Brexit referendum would not offer option to remain in EU, says John McDonnell
(tags: Labour UK Europe OhForFucksSake )
No one understands why DC is now removing Batman’s penis from comic
(tags: comics penis censorship )
Malware Disguised as Job Offers Distributed on Freelance Sites
(tags: jobs malware virus OhForFucksSake )
“Unadoptable” shelter cats get second chance at life by chasing mice
(tags: cats mice jobs )

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Tags: apple, bigotry, cats, censorship, chechnya, comics, ecstasy, europe, fail, fascism, geography, geology, homosexuality, jobs, labour, lgbt, links, malware, maps, mice, muppets, octopus, ohforfuckssake, penis, psychology, reform, roads, sesamestreet, size, social, solarpower, time, uk, video, virus, voting, world, wtf

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