Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 23-09-2018

Nvidia have made it so you can't trust any video you see, every again
(tags: video fraud Technology nvidia )
Streaming accounts for 75 percent of music industry revenue in the US - CDs down 41% in one year
(tags: music streaming usa money )
A leading homelessness charity passed key information about migrant rough sleepers to Home Office enforcement teams. Some were subsequently rounded up and deported
(tags: homelessness uk charity OhForFucksSake )
One reason we're not able to get a withdrawal agreement: the DUP
(tags: DUP NorthernIreland UK europe doom )
"What is the most pedantic argument you have ever had with a pub quizmaster over an answer?"
(tags: quiz argument )
Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will back second Brexit referendum if members demand it
(tags: labour referendum UK Europe GoodNews )
Theresa May's aides 'plan November snap election' to end Brexit standoff
(tags: election GoodNews uk europe )
Revealed: the police list of flags that could be criminal offence to fly in Scotland
(tags: flags Scotland wtf )

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Tags: argument, charity, doom, dup, election, europe, flags, fraud, goodnews, homelessness, labour, links, money, music, northernireland, nvidia, ohforfuckssake, quiz, referendum, scotland, streaming, technology, uk, usa, video, wtf

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