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Interesting Links for 21-09-2018

Britain lets Putin move his dark money with impunity. That has to stop
(tags: fraud money russia banking transparency )
A very Australian coup: Murdoch, Turnbull and the power of News Corp
(tags: australia media OhForFucksSake )
Let’s scrap external exams
(tags: exams teaching )
3D Emoji Town (Pure CSS)
(tags: css impressive viaSwampers )
How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America?
Would love to see this for Europe
(tags: usa connection viaSwampers )
Will Edinburgh become bigger than Glasgow?
(tags: scotland edinburgh glasgow thefuture population )
High-gluten diet during pregnancy increases child's type 1 diabetes risk
(tags: gluten diabetes )
Woman's Tongue Gets Inseminated By Squid After Eating Undercooked Seafood
(tags: squid sex aieeee! )
The US justice system is just a mess
(tags: law usa OhForFucksSake )
John Hancock makes fitness tracking mandatory for insurance
(tags: tracking surveillance fitness insurance )
All 27 EU leaders believe Theresa May's Brexit trade plan will not work
What on earth is going on for Theresa May to say she doesn't understand the concerns?
(tags: uk europe doom )
Single Neurons in the Human Brain Encode Numbers
(tags: numbers psychology brain )
Labour could gain more than 60 seats and 1.5 million votes if it backs EU referendum
(tags: Labour polls uk europe )
New York Can't Afford to Concede Retail Cannabis to New Jersey
(tags: newyork usa marijuana legalisation )
South Africa's highest court legalises cannabis use
(tags: marijuana southafrica )
Oldest known animal fossil discovered in Russian cliffs
(tags: Russia fossil life animals )
The EU couldn’t help May at Salzburg because she’s seeking the impossible
(tags: uk Europe doom )
A former UK diplomat talks about the damage that The Sun newspaper has done over Brexit
(tags: UK Europe media OhForFucksSake )
Sergei Skripal 'hitmen' linked to GRU officer's plot to assassinate Montenegrin Prime Minister
(tags: Russia assassination )
Schizophrenia as a disease of prediction and meaning
(tags: schizophrenia prediction psychology meaning )
EU: Luxembourg McDonald's tax ruling was not illegal state aid
(tags: tax Europe mcdonalds )
Are emos, goths and rockers at increased risk of self-harm and suicide?
(tags: suicide music society )

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