Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 20-09-2018

Poor Toad: How Stormy Daniels ruined Mario Kart
(tags: Mario sex politics funny )
Do Parents Matter?
(tags: parenting children psychology development )
Brexit: The Salzburg summit is not important
(tags: uk europe doom )
Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong
(tags: obesity weight health society viaErindubitably )
A number of media companies are offering freelancers the option to pay to get their own money
(tags: pay work wtf )
Stars in Milky Way moving ‘like ripples on pond’ after near collision with another galaxy
(tags: stars space )
Ticketmaster recruits pros for secret scalper program
(tags: tickets fraud OhForFucksSake )
Brexit and the Irish border question explained
(tags: uk Ireland doom )
Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen to return as Loki and Scarlet Witch in Marvel TV shows
(tags: tv marvel comics )
Theresa May to accept checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain in major concession to avoid Brexit no-deal
(tags: UK Europe NorthernIreland trade )
Every man should be worried if Kavanaugh goes down. At least, I'm worried.
(tags: assault usa satire )
Liam Fox plans to scrap EU food standards to win Brexit trade deal with Trump
(tags: food safety UK usa )
Keeping order in the General Assembly: The strange saga of how a Viking gavel was broken, then lost, then carved again
(tags: iceland UnitedNations history )

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