Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 17-09-2018

Reading nerve signals in your arms to control a computer
I really really want one of these. I hope they can make it into a viable product.
(tags: cyborg thefuture Technology )
Katie Hopkins files for IVA amid crippling debts 18 months after losing libel case against Jack Monroe
(tags: GoodNews racism uk money )
Ruth Davidson has shown again why she's a unique politician
(tags: Scotland politics Conservatives )
French bookshops revolt after prize selects novel self-published on Amazon
(tags: France publishing awards amazon )
Most of the Daily Mail's 'Commentors' Don't Even Exist
(tags: comments DailyMail fraud )
Linus Torvalds apologises for his behaviour, takes some time off
(tags: linustorvalds linux opensource management behaviour community )
Rain ruins one of Norway’s richest men
(tags: electricity investment epicfail )
I had no idea Pumpkin Spice flavour wasn't actually pumpkin flavour at all!
(tags: Halloween autumn food )

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Tags: amazon, autumn, awards, behaviour, comments, community, conservatives, cyborg, dailymail, electricity, epicfail, food, france, fraud, goodnews, halloween, investment, links, linustorvalds, linux, management, money, opensource, politics, publishing, racism, scotland, technology, thefuture, uk

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