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Interesting Links for 02-09-2018

Our seemingly detailed view of the world is more of an ever-changing sketch than a rich portrait—our minds fill in the blanks
(tags: psychology perception vision )
What's it like dating outside of your race?
(tags: race relationships fantasy )
This Tudor London map overlay is marvelous
To make it work, open the link near the top of the article in a desktop browser (didn't work on my phone) and then click on "Layers" and turn on the Tudor one. It only covers a tiny proportion of the map, but changing the transparency back and forth while zoomed out will help you find the right bit. And when you do, it's fascinating!
(tags: maps history )
Stop working long hours, it doesn't get more done, and it's not good for you
(tags: work working_hours )
Religion in Scotland continues to wither away
(tags: religion scotland )
Procrastination is more about managing emotions than time
(tags: procrastination psychology )
Why would you have a therapy dog when you could have a therapy unicorn.
(tags: animals dogs unicorns therapy )
Migrants can make the world more prosperous, but voters need convincing
(tags: immigration economics society )
Mastodon and the challenges of abuse in a federated system
(tags: socialnetworking distribution )

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comment count unavailable comments there.
Tags: animals, distribution, dogs, economics, fantasy, history, immigration, links, maps, perception, procrastination, psychology, race, relationships, religion, scotland, socialnetworking, society, therapy, unicorns, vision, work, working_hours

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