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Interesting Links for 31-08-2018

Unmarried mother wins access to a widowed parent's allowance in a landmark Supreme Court ruling.
(tags: law marriage relationships uk pensions )
Ever wanted to see “beyond” the NES game screen? With WideNES, you can
(tags: games emulation )
"I won’t cheer if Wonga fails. I was grateful it was there for me"
(tags: loans poverty )
Panasonic to move Europe headquarters from UK to Amsterdam
(tags: business europe uk doom )
People who are religious gain happiness from believing there is a deeper meaning to everyday events
(tags: religion meaning psychology )
Microsoft will require suppliers to offer paid parental leave
(tags: parenting holidays Microsoft usa )
Earth quickly heading for 'point of no return' unless we takes immediate action, climate scientists warn
(tags: globalwarming thefuture doom )
Calm down. Barnier's words were not a green light for Brexit deal
(tags: uk Europe doom )
Ireland to hold referendum on women's role in the home
(tags: Ireland referendum women )
AI Can Make Anyone Look Like a Professional Dancer
(tags: dance video ai )
Google reportedly bought Mastercard data to link online ads with offline purchases
(tags: advertising surveillance Google mastercard shopping )
Once you've fallen for someone else you're not likely to be able to save your relationship.
(tags: relationships psychology )
New centrist party backed by LoveFilm founder splits before launch
(tags: politics uk )
The new Edinburgh St James shopping centre is now half finished
(tags: edinburgh construction shopping thefuture )
EU to recommend that member states abolish daylight saving time
Although the article seems unclear if we're abolishing Summer Time or moving to it always being Summer Time. (Because Daylight Saving Time is summer time.) Which would be odd, if only because it would mean that it was never Greenwich Mean Time in Greenwich any more. I'll look forward to more details coming out.
(tags: Europe summer time )

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