Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-08-2018

98.6 Degrees Is A Normal Body Temperature, Right? Not Quite
(tags: temperature history research biology health )
If you're genuinely unsure whether to quit your job or break up, then you probably should
(tags: happiness relationships jobs change )
The School Shootings That Weren't
(tags: research guns fail )
Why are French and British fleets arguing about scallops?
(tags: france uk fish ocean )
‘Hasn’t He Been Punished Enough?’ Say Friends of Man Who Hasn’t Ruined a Woman’s Career in Months
(tags: comedy abuse louisck )
22% of 14-year-old girls, 9% of boys in UK have self-harmed
(tags: self-harm UK children )
Everything You Need to Know About Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria
(tags: lgbt transgender fraud )
The Queensferry Crossing has been open for a year
(tags: transport Edinburgh bridge scotland )

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Tags: abuse, biology, bridge, change, children, comedy, edinburgh, fail, fish, france, fraud, guns, happiness, health, history, jobs, lgbt, links, louisck, ocean, relationships, research, scotland, self-harm, temperature, transgender, transport, uk

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